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In we believe in simplicity, comfort and fun. We put people above processes, tools & bureaucracy. We believe there is more than just one right answer. We take responsibility and readily dive into hard and challenging tasks. We support each other and achieve goals together. We are brave, adventurous & fresh. We acknowledge and thank our failures, and celebrate our success. offers a niche range of services concerned with Environment and Sustainable Development, including consultancy, technical solutions, educational workshops and investigative enviromental reporting. is there to modulate human and industrial impact on environment by bridging the gap of innovation and societal change.

Meet the team

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the ideologist & founder of, now responsible for clients, projects, finance and promotion

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the brilliant engineer responsible for making stuff chooch and eye-catching videos

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the math and software ninja who crafts everything out of nothing and does taxes when he's bored

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the scientific scholar who knows ins and outs of both industry and academia

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PhD in molecular biology. Mistress of biotech and intelectual property.

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COMPANY Logo Anna Chashchyna, CEO
Environmental Consulting
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PARTNERS Logo Laboratory for Near Space Exploration
Space Research Institute, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine